Change the font color based on the backround color

I have a page where the background color is editable by the logged-in user into any color. But the font on this page is black. If the user picks a dark color then the font is not going to be visible or at least the contrast will not be big enough. Is there a way how to change the color of the font to white if the background is too dark ?
In CSS is possible: Reverse Text Color Based on Background Color Automatically in CSS | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks.
Do we have a plugin for this ?

I don’t know whether I can use states and conditions for this I will try this.

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Cool thx, will you let me know if you come up with a solution? thx a lot !!

Hey man, have you had any luck with this topic ? Thx.

I couldn’t try. Did you?

no I found only some CSS tuts but nothing I coult implement in bubble… :confused:

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