Change the "no-reply" email address

Hi All,
When I originally setup my Bubble app I used the name lateralandlogical.
I have since change it to my domain which is
But, the no reply email shows as being from lateralandlogical.
Is there any way I can change it?



Have you connected Sendgrid to your bubble app too? You have to for transactional emails such as above… It should be right under where you connect your domain in settings.

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No, I haven’t seen that but saw it mentioned. Will have a look into it. Thanks for the fast reply.

Not sure if I need the transactional emails. They are more notifications. I realise that it has kept the old app name and I cant change it anywhere.

All you need to do is input your Sendgrid API key in the domain/email settings of your application

thanks Johnny

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No problem!

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