Change the way bubble detect date

Currently bubble detect date using “mm/dd/yyyy”. I would like to be able to change it to “dd/mm/yyyy” as I am facing issue with my user uploading files in “dd/mm/yyyy” format.

Or there is already such ability and I missed it?

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Hi @ben.nes - you can go an create a custom format.

My situation is like this:

My user will upload CSV file into the system using file upload function by bubble. This mean that I have no control of what my user upload their date format.

Thank you for your reply!

I´ve run into this and unfortunately wasn´t able to solve it. While you can display a date in the front end by using formatting like Nikolai explained, when it comes to CSV upload, it has to be mm/dd/yyyy. I´m not sure how to prevent this from happening if it´s your users who are uploading CSV.

While it may not help, maybe you can do the upload instead of the user, or you maybe could send the CSV to Google sheets, get it formatted correctly there and import into your database via Zapier or some other integration. I haven´t tried this before and don´t know if it is possible or if it makes sense at all.

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That is unfortunate… thank you for you help!

@ben.nes have you found any viable solution for this issue.thanks

No, I had to work around it and educate my users

thanks for reply,unfortunatly i cant do the same since this is data sent from a third party api

I have been using to upload to Bubble via API and use their date formatter to change to mm/dd/yyyy before uploading. It is free for 15 credits a month. 1 Credit = 500 rows, so perfect for initial and later data import as long as it is not very large files.

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