Uploading a csv with date field optional "not required" doesn't appear to work?

HI all

This could be me, but need to check to see if anyone knows or has had the same issues?

So I have an app where the user can upload up to 200 users via a csv file. All works great except I have a date field which is not optional, but Bubble will not let me upload the csv if there is no date in that field, just says invalid date format.

The csv list is stored in a temp table and an API workflow runs on the list in the temp table to create the users. This all works, but I am unable to upload the csv without a date in the field.

I also find that I have upload the date format in “Feb 12, 2018 12:00 am” which is a pain for the user.

Any suggestions are welcome to 1. allow upload to temp table with or without the date, and 2 any suggestions how to simplify the required date format.


Data cleanup is a big part of making CSV uploaders work. I find it’s very helpful to provide as much resources and education to the end users as possible. (For example, in my app called WorkMaps, I provide users with an exact template that includes instructions).

Since you mention that the field is required, it seems like the onus is on your user to ensure that all dates are added. (Otherwise, I’d think a workaround that allows them to upload without the date would impact the integrity of your data?)

For the date, it should accept as a simple month, day and year; no time required. (Can verify this). The issue is likely that there is likely something amiss with the field formatting. (Google Sheets picks up on this readily, but Excel may have some quirks). Your users can usually quickly fix this by re-formatting the selected field as a date value.

I recently submitted the “can’t have a blank date” issue as a bug to Bubble. They have acknowledge the existence but won’t provide a time-frame for correcting.

Here’s hoping they fix it soon.

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