Uploading from csv to database

Hi there,

I’m trying to upload data from a csv file into by database, however I’m having trouble with data values. When uploading I get this error.

I’m not sure in what way I need to format my dates when exporting the CSV. This is how it is currently laid out.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


it looks to me that Bubble is expecting the date data in the format used in US (and/or other countries), i.e. month/day/year, while I am pretty sure your excel/csv file has date formatted as typical used in Europe (or at least in Italy), i.e. day/month/year.
So you could try to swap the date format on your csv file (becasue I don’t know if you can swap the format of date datatype of bubble database - if that were possible, you could try alternatively to swap the format of Bubble date datatype).

It looks to me that the error could be this as it is thrown just for the only date (of those visible in the image you posted) that has a clear “european” format. All the others, indeed, could be interpreted as the US format as well (as in all the other dates the day number is <= 12).
Hope this can solve or help solving your issue.

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Bubble.io still cant recognize data from CSV if i’m not mistake. So you have create one more DB for imported data and upload dates as text format. Then add a workflow to reformat these text to data format and save them in clear DB. U just polish your data