[Change] V/H padding has been migrated to 4-input system

Hi everyone,

As a stepping stone for some exciting changes we’re looking to make in the near future, we’ve migrated the remaining elements with V/H or horizontal padding to 4-input padding, for both legacy responsive and the default experience. This means any V/H or horizontal padding values that you’ve set on elements will be migrated over as well. You can access the 4-input padding controls from the layout tab, which will be empty for elements that do not have padding properties. The new padding controls are coming soon to the plugin editor and for now, plugins remain on the old padding system.

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Hi !

Maybe I’m the only one with the bug but the padding doesn’t seem to work for me. My heading have a 10px left padding but nothing is appearing on screen. When I look at the version-test, the padding is in the element but it is not taken into account on screen. It used to work well though.

Hi, so sorry that you’re encountering this — would you mind submitting a bug report please so I can take a look?

Yeah, I’m just now discovering issues as well. Padding that existed on text elements has disappeared. Also, I’ve got an issue with bottom padding on text fields not being respected, but only inside popups. Weird. I already submitted a bug report on the latter.


In floating groups too! Came here to share it and saw your post.


It’s the same with reusables. If you give the height of the element fixed, then bottom padding works.

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@sudsy Sorry about that, fix has been deployed! Hope that it’s now working properly; please let me know if it isn’t.
@rpetribu @eren the fix should also resolve the behavior you mentioned but if it doesn’t, would you please submit a bug report if you haven’t already?


:white_check_mark: Confirmed issue resolved. Thank you!

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