Padding for More Elements

Hi everyone,

We’ve added padding to dropdowns, buttons, checkboxes, icons, and picture uploaders. All of these changes will only apply to the new responsive engine, and we will be releasing updated padding controls on the remaining visual elements shortly.

Happy building!


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Awesome! So glad to see these little changes that make a world of difference. :raised_hands:


This is great!

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do you have plan for % margins and paddings ?
Because if we have px paddings and % width at some point the math breaks


+1 for calculated % margins


Great news. :fire: :fire:

Amazing ! small changes but a very vital update

Wow. Bubble is starting to go places.

There are random dropdowns in my app that have added padding automatically. When I try to delete the values in there it doesn’t actually change it and it goes right back. It’s been 5px left padding and 15px right padding.

Can we set padding to the dropdown icon which is there by default?

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@kathleen have you considered being able to control padding via Styles? Today, I’m using a highly styled text element as a workaround for buttons as it has vertical and horizontal padding which is let’s me implement dynamic sized buttons witting to it’s content, with a uniform look throughout the app.

With the new solution you’ve implemented, I don’t see how I can apply uniform padding the same way but would need to set manual padding to each button everywhere if I want to use “fit width/height to content”. Have you considered this use case?


Great question. Adding padding & margin to styles is in the works, we’ll keep you all updated on the progress here!


Very odd - do you mind submitting a bug report so we can take a deeper look?

Oh, if that would be a thing on all elements, it would surely do so much more than just what I was asking for here. :star_struck:

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@kathleen great job! :rocket:

@nickc I see padding more important to have. Margin may vary based on the view design.

HOLY CRAP! Best announcement ever!

Once this is available on Styles, this will be a serious game changer to dev speed.

I would personally expect the padding on the dropdown to include the carat - right now it seems to only apply to the text. The Dropdown below has 16px padding set on both the left and the right, but as you can see, the carat is pushed all the way to the edge.