Change Website Name

Is there anyway to change the website name from from to after I already created the site?

You can duplicate your app and change the new app’s name to “example2”.

To confirm, the [appname] cannot be changed. Though when you set up a custom domain, you can easily change/update that at any time. @dbevan’s approach is OK when you’re not ready to move to a custom domain, but just anticipate having to re-set up a few basics when you clone your app (+ copy database, update any users on where to go, etc).

Thanks, ya, I am trying to get around that. I wish when we changed the app name that it would change the website too. Now I have a website name that i don’t want to have. I am stuck with the app i have too. When i change it, it changes the type of app to the new ones. My app is the legacy app and i wanted to keep it that way.

Hmm, if you want to be able to stay on the legacy plan, I feel like the most logical thing to do would be to buy a domain name and apply that? If I recall correctly, there’s no additional charge to apply a custom domain on legacy plan accounts.

Though I too had the legacy plan, but gave in so many months back. My feelings on the experience are best described by this scene from The Lion King. :smiley:

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