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I pushed an app to live with the wrong domain name. The development version had the name, where “appname” which became my domain name was incorrectly typed. I need to change this to correctappname, Help needed.
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Hi there, @georgemt1200… there is no way to change your app’s name, so therefore, there is no way to change the incorrect domain name that was created when you pushed your app to live. Your options at this point are to copy the app to a new app with the correct name or you can hook the current app up to a custom domain, and then it won’t matter that the app name is incorrectly typed.


Hi Mike,
Hi @mikeloc, Thank you for your reply. If I copy the app to another app with the correct name, the domain is not going to change, is that correct? Do correct me if I am wrong. What bothers me is not the app name itself but the domain name.

When you are not using a custom domain, the domain name is always your app’s name plus So, if you copy your app to another app with the correct name and then you push the new app to live, the domain name associated with the new app will be the correct app name plus To be clear, these are two separate apps with no connection to each other. So, if you do copy your current app to a new app and then push the new app to live, the new app will have it’s own domain name, and there will be no association between it and the old app.

Thanks @mikeloc, yep, that sounds fair enough. One quick question though, the current app is the one I have paid for and has all my payment details. Can I transfer the payment done to the new app or do I cancel the payment plan for the current app and sign up for the new app? Also, in the future, if I want to push an app to live just for testing purposes do I need to be on a paid plan for that particular app (as Bubble payment is per app)? Again, much appreciate your time.

You wouldn’t be able to transfer the payment from the current app to the new one, and yes, you would need to be on a payment plan for any Bubble app that you want to push to live.

Thank you @mikeloc.

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