Changes to how we charge for applications going forward

I started one of my businesses on Bubble just 2 months ago and have added about 9,000 records per month. In literally just one month I will be long past even the Professional plan, but in my case, more records doesn’t necessarily mean growth. Bubble is literally not tenable for my business model anymore unfortunately. Wow.


Are you kidding??
This is insane. I also would have to move from Personal to Production plan.
I really hope you will reconsider this change. Having 100k database things shouldn’t cost 320$ per month.



Absolutely awful decision.

Have to pivot completely now with various different ways of handling things across a dozen or so applications.

I already struggled trying to pitch Bubble to folks because of fears over this exact thing happening. Now it’s real and there’s a serious chance of moving away from Bubble entirely.


Maybe for the bubble team a proposal on how to make the pricing more usage based:

Use a metric like “process time” or something similar like aws lambda uses.

You can still have a higher price point for power users but don’t screw over literally everyone with this total things in database metric,

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Are the row limits monthly new rows or total? This is not clear…

If it is total number of rows, than the limit is ridiculously low. You’d essentially need tier 3 (25k rows) for a proof of concept and tier 4 (200k rows) for an MVP. You’re not even in business yet that you’re paying $200+ in hosting fees per month.

Unless this is what was intended, Bubble will effectively become a front-end developing platform and users will start migrating to other solutions for their database. Then I suppose Bubble’s next move will be to start charging per request/call?

I think your logic is correct (ie, unique visitor and row-based pricing) but your numbers are way off. Even if you’re substantiating your current numbers with averages, you don’t seem to be considering the fact that many are considering to scale up their apps on Bubble, unless you wish to keep it as a “proof-of-concept” development framework, in which case you’ll see all your users migrate after that stage.

I’m hosting my Django apps on Heroku’s hobby-basic for 7$ per per month and I get 10,000,000 rows… I might as well start migrating my Bubble databases there.


Bad news! Why impose a limit on the number of records in the database?

Imagine an app with comments or a chat. There are a lot of text entries that don’t take up much space.

I think that you have not taken this into account and you need to change this paragraph. We all love Bubble very much, but these changes will destroy us(( :fearful: :fearful: :fearful:


@emmanuel I understand the old pricing system wasn’t adequate for Bubble’s growth, but this new pricing model will drastically impact application speed. Most Users develop their Database to have Parent-Child relationships (or as @petter explains in his Performance Guide the Satellite Data Types) to make fetching Data faster by having lighter Data Types (As mentioned in @josh post and also Also reinforced here by

This new metric of limiting database records will force many apps to merge Data Types together to respect the Database things limits and I think that Bubble will lose its biggest Strength: Flexible Database which will greatly worsen its biggest weakness : Speed.


The limit on database records is a very poor decision. I hope you’ll change your mind.


Why “number of things”? That’s so arbitrary!

Why can’t it be db size? 100,000 things could be 10 mb and 5 things could be 100 gb. I would pay for size of db, but not the number of things!


My fear. We were literally JUST about to roll out a new Messages feature. Now I’m kind of throwing my hands in the air, scrambling, because I know the current set-up won’t work.


whats coming after 200.000 lines?!

Still trying to wrap my mind around this. How could the Bubble team possibly think this is a good idea? The numbers don’t even make sense. How could you possibly only have 5,000 records with 10,000 monthly users?? Like, what app is designed to have .5 records per user?

And why on earth would you compare pricing to a competitor like Webflow? Does this mean Bubble is trying to position themselves in the market as a basic CMS tool as opposed to an actual app builder? This is not only the worst thing to happen to Bubble, but perhaps to the entire no code movement as well.


future DB limits are not tenable. We will have to move our app to weweb and Xano. 60$ for each company per month… for unlimited things.


This is a disappointing change.

Bubble please don’t try to fit in with the No Code peers, continue to stand out.

Please continue offering:

  • Old plans to loyal users with larger database needs,
  • New plans to the users who can’t understand capacity.

We did not receive the survey you conducted to better understand our needs.

If you must apply the change, consider making the dedicated plans more affordable.


This is a BIG mistake…

You introduce a new pricing structure 7 days in advance that is not just minimal changes or structure changes to plans, it quite literally decides the fate of using Bubble as your application depending on use case. It could make Bubble completely unusable for many people, including myself.

This biggest problem is Database things… The use case of an app does not always correlate between unique daily visitors and database things. For a base level Ecommerce or service app/website that may just barely suffice, but if for example you are using Bubble to visualize and interpret a large number of data for a small group of users it is unusable.

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Does this mean each plan has a max number of users?



Here’s a question we can now answer fast: “is Bubble any good for startups that scale?”

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Thanks for the update Emmanuel. I think your team listened to the feedback given in the “user interview” sessions.
Happy to see:

  • 4 developers options in the Professional plan
    -Cheaper storage option.
    -Reduction in the Production cost

Things I wish were included:
-Add-on developer option for all paid plans
-Add-on database things (maybe there is but not mentioned in your post)

Things I think that should be changed.
Database things limit (if it is total limit not monthly additions)
Imagine someone developed an app and has 150 new customers/month customers placing 4 orders each and each order having 3 items. You will need to add invoices, maybe refund requests, reviews for products, maybe vouchers for the customers etc. 25000 database things will be depleted in professional plan which is (I think) used by many as “production” plan.


The monthly unique daily visitors I can take, not a big deal…

But these database limits are pretty insane, I mean it should be at least 10x this, going from limitless to super granular constraints.
E.g. 200 to 2,000 records
5,000 to 50,000 records
25,000 to 250,000 records
200,000 to 2,000,000 records

This is seriously going to limit how apps are designed, no longer can you do x things a hundred ways, it will constant worry of how can I streamline the records even if this isn’t scalable, really not great to have that impact users from the getgo.