Changing a data type to a list

Hi All,

I have sadly built out my entire workflows and a lack of planning is meaning I have fallen into an issue.

I am a building a platform for restaurant and have three data types


I have linked users and restaurants together and created all of the workflows but just realised that a user may have multiple restaurants connected and I will need a feature to create multiple restaurants under one user account. At the moment they are linked like the screenshot below and I was wondering if there was an easy trick to turn that into a ‘list of restaurants’ so I can link several to one user - without changing all of the workflows?

Hi there, @mattbubble… unfortunately, there is no easy trick. You will have to create a new field and make that field a list. If you already have data in the original field, there are multiple ways you can get that data into the new field. But again, there is no way to turn the original field into a list.


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