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Changing Background Color on Menu Items

Probably this is super easy to do but i cant figure out how to change the selected menu button background color when the user is in that specific page.

All the buttons on my main navigation are in a reusable group.

What have you tried so far? You can def do this using custom states

All i’ve tried is conditional. WHEN "this URL is “Copy/paste the url”

But that didnt did the trick. How would you do this with custom states?

I’d put a custom state on the reusable group called “activeLink”

Then, on each link in the nav bar, I’d have a condition that says something like, “When reusable group’s activeLink = …” then I’d set the background color to whatever you want.

Then, for each different page, you could do a “On page load” event that sets the activeLink to whatever page name you want.