How to change the font color of a link, to show users where they are?

I would like the font color of a link/button to be different when the user is on the page (or other item) associated with that particular button or link. So they know where they are.

And when they first land on the index page of the app, I’d like this to apply, so they know where they are right away.

I tried adding a conditional to the style for the Button / Link, saying ‘When this button isn’t clickable Font color #EGEGEG’.

But that doesn’t seem to do it.

How would I achieve my aim here?

Thanks for any help.

You have access to the current page name, perhaps that would do it?

Thanks @BrianHenderson , I don’t see those commands in the conditionals for the button/link styles. I could be missing something there – I’m no bubble expert (as is no doubt apparent).

Maybe I need to create a separate button with a different color and use those commands in a workflow…?

Are you trying to set conditionals on a particular page or are you editing a style?

I was editing a style. But having seen your message there, I’m now trying to do it via the page and via a reusable group (to no avail yet).

One of the things I want to edit is links in a reusable element (my main menu).

The other thing I want to edit is buttons in a group on the page.

It’s not in the “styles” tab. You need to be in the “design” tab. Open the conditionals tab of your button element, and define the condition as “when current page name is:”

When the name of the current page is the same as the button, the conditional changes the color.

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Thanks @BrianHenderson and @zach8 . I very much appreciate your advice.

Got it done :slight_smile:

I’d like to mark both as the solution. I guess since Zach’s advice was the thing that got my ass over the line, I’ll mark that as the solution.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it Rich! I know your struggles!

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