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Changing Binary Fields [Solved]


I have a repeating group table which shows a list of contacts for a given company. Each contact has a field called “Is Primary”, this is a boolean field which says Yes or No if the contact is considered a Primary Contact for a given company.

I’d like to be able to have a checkbox or something similar in each row of the table which I can use to control the value of the “Is Primary” boolean field.

So if not checked, and I check the box, “Is Primary” shifts to “Yes”

If checked, and I uncheck the box, “Is Primary” shifts to “No”

Unfortunately I’m getting errors when I try to set up a workflow. It says, “Make changes to yes/no…: To change should be anything savable but right now it is a yes/no”

Can you please help me diagnose this error and do the functionality I’d like to do. See screenshots

Try changing it to “Make changes to Contact”, then set the bool there.


That worked! thanks for the quick reply

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