Changing boolean yes/no to the opposite value


I was trying to have a step in workflow that would flip the boolean yes/no value to an opposite state. If the state of an element is “yes” I want it to change to “no” on click. If the state is “no” I want it to change to “yes”

The answer I found on the forum was looking a bit lengthy:

After some tinkering, I have found a solution that more people might find helpful. Format bool as text and keep the “no” value empty. Is empty? “yes”!

I hope this will be helpful.



Hey :wave:

Thanks for the suggestion. There is a better way to do this than the other post. You only need one workflow without any complications.

I figured it out eventually.

When changing the field it would look like this (I will try to post a simple screen shot later when I’m at my computer, probably Monday)

Let’s say the field name is going to be Toggle and it’s a yes/no field.

To change it to the opposite it would then look like this:

Toggle = Toggle’s current yes/no is “no”

Meaning if it is currently yes it would like this

Toggle = yes is no (which is false)

So the toggle would turn to “no”

If it is currently no, it would look like this

Toggle = no is no (which is true)

So the toggle would turn to “yes”

I think a screenshot would be clearer though. I will upload it soon for a simple example.

Does that make sense?


Yupp, That is even faster!

Totally make sense.


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Glad it made sense. :blush:


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Fantastic solution ! Reminds me of math classes (boolean algebra) haha.

Would prefer a :not or :inverse function, but this rocks.

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