Changing copied elements impacts existing elements

I’ve noticed when copying elements or styles that the new element inherits the links from other existing elements, not the original.

So if I copy a style and then change the copy I discover that all the existing elements using that style switch their links to the new (now changed) style rather than sticking with the original. This affects not just styles but also pages etc.

To be honest I find this 1) counter intuitive to every other copy system I have ever used and 2) confusing.

SO my question is how can you copy an element and re-use it without upsetting all the links back to the existing work?

Can you record a short video of this happening? I’m not seeing the same behavior in my editor, so I want to make sure I’m replicating your steps correctly.

Is it possible that you’re not changing the copy, but instead the original? I don’t have an editor open at the moment to remind myself if Bubble inserts the word “copy” into the name of the copy… If it does, then I’d imagine it would be obvious which to change. But I know there are several cases of copying something (field, data type, other things…) where there’s no distinction between the original and the copy until you change something to verify…

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You only really discover it when you copy something. Rename the Copy of Original. Change the copy and then watch the Issues counter go bananas. I’d rather not have to roll back my app again as I’ve put a lot of work into it.

It happens a lot. It’s quite easy to replicate once you have a lot of dependencies. I’m just tired of correcting them manually.

Easy example. Try it with Standard button. If I copy standard button and create Variant button, variant button becomes the default and everywhere I’ve used standard button now uses variant button.