Changing date dynamically with date dropper/picker plugins

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a way to change the date dynamically on the 3rd party date dropper/date pickers? The scenario is:
User clicks button that says ‘Last week’
I want the date to change to be 7 days ago.

This sound relatively easy and i can set a state to change ‘Initial content’ to -7 days but it doesn’t actually change the date displayed to the end user, neither does anything else such as setting the initial content to take the date from another input, auto-binding or anything else i have tried. I have tried with the date dropper plugin and the bdk better date plugin but neither seem to change the date dynamically whatever I do, or i’m doing something wrong which is also quite possible.

I know there is a ‘set date’ option for the bubble default calendar workflow which i’m assuming would do what I want but i really liked the look and feel of these other date picker options and was wondering if anyone else has experienced the problem and came up with a workaround?

Thanks in advance