Changing the Button's Color

I have a button with the text 10-41, and when i click it, i want it to change the color to (for example) orange.
How can i do that?
I am new to Bubble, so i might not understand some things, so please try to be detailed if you try to help.

Why not 10-3 and 10-19 bubble learning center before making your cad/mdt?

Haha, well, i need 10-41 and 10-42 specifically…
Besides, i’ve been trying to find atleast a written tutorial about how to do it, but i couldn’t.
So, help is really appreceated.

Never tried this…two buttons of differing colour. One visible the other not and then duplicate workflows and use conditions to check.good luck…

Hello @kylejsoutham,
Thanks for your instructions, but, could you please be more specific, as i am a new to
Thanks for the information though.

Do you want it to change colour and stay changed, or just change colour whilst it is pressed ?

If the latter, then just add a condition to the button “when pressed”.


To toggle the button, you will need to base the colour on some other criteria, just as setting a database value or a custom state. So a workflow action makes a change to the value, and the condition is set to a different colour based upon that state’s value,

Hello @NigelG,
Thanks for your help. I’d like that, when the button is pressed, it stays (for example) orange, and when i click on it again, it would change back (for example) to grey.

Another great thing that i would like to add, is if i click another specific button, which would be… let’s say 10-42, the 10-41 button (if it was pressed earlier) changed back to grey and would make the 10-42 orange.

If you could give me further and specific instructions, i would really appreciate it.

On your page, have a Custom State of “Pressed Button” - type text.

Then when you click 10-42 you set the state to “10-42”.

In the condition on the Button, when the state is “10-42” you make it orange.

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I have it like this. I did something wrong, but i am unsure on what it is.


[SOLUTION]: Hello everyone. I added a invisible button, that can only be visible if you press the specific button through workflows, and can go back invisible, which technically changes the color of the normal one.
If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to pm me.

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