Changing the default spinner?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to change the default spinner icon that shows when repeating groups are loading? We’d like to display a custom loading spinner if possible.


Well, you can change its color in settings, if I recall correctly. I’m not sure there’s a facility for turning it off (except to make its color essentially invisible) within Bubble. Most things are possible with some scripting though, so I bet someone’s explored solutions to this…

Thanks for that! I don’t actually want to turn it off, just replace it with my own custom spinner that doesn’t look so “default Bubble-y”!

You can display a loading image whilst the RG is loading. Editor & link below:

Thanks @marcusandrews- having an image showing only when the repeating group “loading is yes” is a good idea - but I don’t understand how that prevents the default spinner from showing. Did you have to do something special? I could try @keith suggestion of making it transparent - but that seems a bit hacky, and however you’re doing it seems to work on the demo.

I don’t really understand either, but it works!

Nice! Seems to be the normal way to do that

Here’s a few options;