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Changing the default loading icon

is there a way to change the default loading icon in bubble the current spinning icon looks like a spoke and i was wondering is it possible to change it to a circle like on this forum or something more pleasing?

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Not yet, we don’t expose this yet. If it’s for the repeating group though, you can use “is loading” and display whatever you want.

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can you provide IsLoading and such a display for pages too? Now the page appears and it may take some time till their controls get the initial values (esp. if they’re calculated). User may start playing with the UI in the mean time, or think those are the correct values that are displayed

can see it at occurring a lot (I’m on a <8Mbps connection, sometimes even lower/unpredictable)

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For pages it’s a bit tricker, and hopefully it’s fast enough. Initial values come from the DB, so it’s not the page per se, but the data. That’s what we use at the repeating group level, because it’s a list of entries. At the page level, it’s not easy.

In my case the delay is noticeable I’m afraid. I could show my own display, but I don’t have any way to know when all initial value setting workflows have run

do you think it would be possible to add the “is loading” function to the uploader? I have my rotating icon working for this using the “is focused” function but if someone clicks off while its uploading it disappears.

Did you try doing it the other way I found ?

Put file upload in a group, and start spinning on click of group. End spinning on change of value ?

Let me look at this…

Just added this :slight_smile: Search for is loading for the picture and files uploader.


Sweet thanks!

Can we change the loading icon to something prettier by embedding some HTML code or an alternate way ?

Well this still applies