Changing URL without reloading page

So I have a settings page where my users can change their info. The settings page has some sub-categories like “page” and “posts”. I want to have it all on one page and show/hide the items based on what sub-category they are on.

How do I make it so the URL changes to /settings/page and /settings/posts based on where the user is, without reloading?

I should make it clear I want to use the browser navigation to go back and forth between pages.

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I would do it like this:

When clicking on the categories, navigate the user to the same page but with a parameter in the url. Then you can check for the parameter in the url and show/hide items based on it.

It won’t reload the page if you send the user to the same page and only change the parameters.

It wouldn’t look like /settings/page then though, but like /settings?category=page or whatever you name your parameter.

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Hi @reger-alexander

Okay that could work, how do you put a parameter in the url?

I did really want it to be /settings/page though since it looks better and it’s easier to type in. Do you think there is a way to do that?

The “go to page…” action has a checkbox “Send more parameters to the page”.

I don’t think this is possible in bubble as of now. The path is determined by the page name, so you would need seperate pages for it. And if you navigate between pages, there is a reload.

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You can use browser plugin for this

@hikaru What do you mean, can you elaborate?

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@hikaru Oh the plugin is called browser I’m an idiot lol.

I’ll check it out thanks.

@hikaru Thanks for this, it’s late so I will try to implement it to my site tomorrow.

By the way, your app looks pretty good, what is it used for?

Thanks, have been looking for something like this for quite a while!

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Im messing a bit around with it right now, I think it’s not really doing what I expected.

In your example, can you directly call the …/edit path without getting an error that this page doesn’t exist? Or how are you handling a direct call?

I see, what a pity it doesn’t work from index

So I set it up to show a group when URL contains “page” but nothing is happening when the url is replaced. When I reload the page it shows the group though.

You should work with parameters.


You should work with parameters.

Yes, I actually got it working with parameters, but I think parameters makes the URL ugly.

And unfortunately another limitation with parameters is the access to meta data such as the SEO title and description of a dynamic page. That said, on admin pages it’s not so much of an issue, if for instance the page is not to be crawled and indexed.

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