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Change a URL without reloading a page?

Is it possible to change the URL without reloading the page?

If it’s the same page, yes. What is the use case here?

At this point I’m just trying to figure out the abilities/limitations I have within Bubble in order to determine the best way to build my apps.

I’ve spent years using WordPress, and whether that’s good or bad, I’ve gotten used to the way certain parts of the system function. Like having the ability to create pages which are actually stored in the database and being able to setup the menu structure that is replicated to menu locations that are specified on the pages.

So if I cannot find a way to gather all of the bubble pages in the database, in a easy way, in order to be able to assign them to menu locations, I thought the next best thing would be to build everything on one bubble page and hide/show the content based on the URL that is being changed, but not have this as a parameter. Instead, just add the structure to the URL as a specific button/link is pressed and hide/show the related group based on the URL.

I know this type of function is possible with AngularJS’ UI-router, but not sure if it was already built into Bubble.

So if I click on a button/link from the index page – – can it add the name to the URL without refreshing to

Tapdaq does this on their site –

We don’t really support this in the URL. You could have a type of thing that is ‘sent’ to the page and use this to decide what to show or hide on the page, but i would rather use a custom state, that sounds cleaner.

Are the Bubble pages that I create part of the app data/data types, but just hidden from the current view? If they are, would that be something that could be changed to allow us to see it so that it’s easier to target/reference them?

No they’re not, it’s part of the app object, not the app database.

Bummer, guess I’ll have to spend some time thinking about this. Thanks for the feedback.

I think what you are attempting to recreate is a content management system (i.e. Wordpress). You’ll have to approach your project as using Bubble to rebuild a CMS and not as something that has CMS prepackaged. It’s a lot more work, but the sky is the limit.

Here’s how I would handle your situation, since I would like to make a blog with Bubble some point in the future. To handle unique URLs for pages, use “virtual pages” instead, such as having a page object and retrieving the title of a page through a URL parameter, then performing a search of pages with the title. That way, the URLs won’t contain object ids.

Scott, yes it’s a lot of work, but it would make some of the more long term administration easier. I thought about using parameters, but that’s not the best/prettiest way to display the link. Ideally you’d want your URLs as clean and easy to read as possible.

This is a lot cleaner

than this

So I’ll probably just develop an MVP, see if it becomes successful, and then refactor at a future date hoping that Bubble has new features that will help at that point.

How do you do this Emmanuel? I noticed in the documents the url changes depending on the scrolling position (I think).

If I want to change the url depending on the group shown, how to I do this?

When this group is visible - index’s custom state is 1.

When index’s custom state is 1 - __________________ (how do we change the url).

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