Changing User email address, getting success message, no change to db


I’m using ‘Update the user’s credentials’ to allow users to change an email address via the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2023-01-06 at 18.28.15

When I run it, it allows me to change it and gives me the bubble popup “You account has been successfully updated”. But then when I go to check the database, the narrator tells me it was not successful. i.e. no change in the db.

Any clues?

Hi there, @BuzzWhirlWind… you are setting the email to the current user’s email instead of setting it to an input’s value. So, you are essentially setting the email to what it already is. You must have an input into which the user is entering a new email address, and you need to change Current User's email to that input’s value.

Hope this helps.




Thanks for your help, Mike. Much appreciated.


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