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Updating a Users Email - What am I missing?

I am trying to give my users the ability to update their email address.

Of course, this data field can’t be edited with “Make changes to a thing”

So, I am using the “Send confirmation email” option…

That works… The email gets sent, I click the link and…


The data field doesn’t update.

Any idea what I am doing wrong? Is there a step I am missing?

Hi there, @ian11… you can use the Update the user’s credentials workflow action to give the user the ability to change their email address. So, you would have a form with an input element (with a content format of email) into which the user would input a new email address (you would also need an input into which the user can enter their current password), and a button would run a workflow with this action. Is that what you mean?


Thanks Mike!

No, not quite. Ideally the user verifies that they are the owner of the email. There is a bubble built action “Send email confirmation email” that seems like it’s supposed to do this…

I just can’t figure out how it’s supposed to work and bubble docs are super lite on information.

I could be misunderstanding what you are trying to do, but I don’t think the Send email confirmation action does what you think it does. If you are trying to let a user change their email address, then to the best of my knowledge, you have to go the route I mentioned. The Send email confirmation action is used to set a user’s email confirmed field from no to yes when the user clicks the link, but it has nothing to do with a user being able to change (update) their email.

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Yep… as @mikeloc says… if you want to update a User’s email address you’ll need to use the Update User Credentials workflow action and set their new email address in there…

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