Charge the current user and accessing data with Result of Previous Step Issues

Hi i’m in the insanity mode and doing the same thing over and over again … i need some help please or some advice…

I’m charging my customer for a service and the button works great and the stripe payment in test mode is a success. I’m using the Charge the current user function. Where I’m having problems is I’m looking for confirmation that the payment went through. I’ve read in Bubble under the charge the current user topic that we can access data from that step by using the “Result of the previous step”

I’ve tried this a bazillion times and to no success. I’ve tried setting up a webhook, watched a ton on you tube and I’m failing. Any suggestions?

Did you set other steps after the action “charge current user” in the same workflow?

Wait… yes after I used charge the user the next step in the workflow was changing my user to have paid for the service based on only when the result of the previous step I could confirm the payment via stripe.

it looks like i’m on a different track. guess you have to set up a recurring subscription to access the data. Hope bubble changes that in their documents or adds a note.