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Charging customers in a different currency

I am setting up a payment method, but since I am not in the US and my local currency is not listed, I want to know how to charge my customers.

I dont want to charge my customers in dollars, Its necessary to charge in local currency. So I want to know how can I achieve this. What formatting should I use? or what other option do I have?

Thanks in advance!

Is the local currency supported by stripe? If so we can add it.

Unfortunately not at the time. Is there another option to make easy for my costumers to pay for the service? Maybe an integration of another plugin or an external html protocol?

We can integrate another system but as we already have stripe and Braintree that would be on a sponsored basis.

Does that mean to display some kind of advertise in the app, of the system provider? If so, that would be ok, as long as I get the ability to charge in my local currency