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Handle currencies in Worldwide marketplace

Hi. I am building a worldwide marketplace, (very similar to AirBnb in the way it work) what is the best way to handle the various currencies (or at least USD & Euro)?
Are the currencies going to be dynamic in the future?

Not right now. With paypal, for instance, the currency is attached to the keys, so we can’t make then dynamic. Stripe lets you make them dynamic, but if you’re building something global, I expect you’ll be using Braintree/Paypal right?

Well I actually built it with Stripe so far, because I thought the only way to register a user as a seller.
So my understanding is that you recommend switching to Braintree if I want to handle currencies.

Actually no, since you can only have one key per app. If you use stripe you change the currency with condition on your workflows.

Could you give me an exemple of the workflow you have in mind because I am not sure how I should operate to do this? thanks a lot

You would say: when the button pay is clicked AND WHEN the currency is ‘USD’ -> and then you have a series of actions that use USD.

And you can have another workflow with the condition being ‘the currency is EUR’, etc.

The currency can be stored on the user object, in a dropdown, etc.

have you done the conditions lesson?

I actually ended up understanding what you meant and I did exactly what you recommend! All good! Thanks a lot for your help.


Any chance the currency can be dynamic within the app itself at the element level dependant on other things in the database? @emmanuel

User can then set a default currency and depending on the users currency name or code set in the database it displays that currency by default.

Especially helpful to marketplaces, have global currency exchange rates/settings somewhere would be excellent.

This isn’t a simple fix so we won’t be able to do this at the second (but conditions will get you pretty for for your particular case).

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