Chart Element Shows Two tooltips

Hey Guys I am using the Chart Element Plugin and when I hover over my chart, it is displaying two tooltips at the same time. Is there a way around this behavior ? Isn’t it more logical to only display one tooltip at a time (the one relating to the point which is closest ? )… Currently the tooltips are overlapping and it gets quite frustrating for someone trying to read the chart. Any help on this ? clues anyone @emmanuel ?

Thank you !

@sarieddine.marwan Good find! I just recreated this and found the same behavior. I think it may be worth filing a bug report, since the double (sometimes more) tooltips continue to happen unless the points are very spread out from each other:

Bug Report form:

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Just did @fayewatson - thank you for providing the bug report link.

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Has anyone found any workarounds to this bug, since it’s still present?