Chart label overlap

Anyone know how to fix this bug where the labels overlap in the default charts plugin?

Don’t those labels only appear on hover? In other words, just curious how you got that to happen. Even if it is a bug (which I’m sure it is), would it be much of an issue with a data set that isn’t all zeroes?

Yes, but it shows two if you hover in the middle (it feels like it shows both if you hover over between 33% and 66% of each point width wise (I don’t know exactly how to explain that but you might be able to work out what I mean…)
CleanShot 2023-09-20 at 11.37.54

It’s less severe but it still looks strange if there are two points displayed at once. I’ve tried Chrome and Safari with the same behaviour and have always found this experience with the native charts plugin so surprised it still does this!

Starting the bug report now… just hoping that someone might have a quick hack to fix it.


Would you look at that… it’s the expected behaviour, except I’ve never seen any reasonable graph do this, ever:

After investigating, it appears that the two labels showing at once are the expected behavior of line graphs created with the native chart element. When hovering between two points on a graph, both labels will show. In cases where there is adequate space, this enables viewing the values for multiple data points simultaneously.

On closely clustered graphs like those in the stats section of your dashboard page, the appearance of both labels at one time while in between two points on the chart is understandably less useful, but a single label shows when hovering over a specific data point in line with its expected function. You may consider testing a different offering from among the chart layouts offered, or reducing the number data points displayed on a single graph if possible.

Consider upvoting my ideaboard post for this :slight_smile:

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