Chart Horizontal Database Series

Good evening everyone,

I’ve recently been getting really into bubble as my primary development platform. One of my projects is a market data analytics for publicly traded companies.

I have a huge database with one column being the 5200x Companies’ Names/Symbols (i.e. Apple/AAPL).
I have 8 other columns for 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 years, etc. with each $ value in the appropriate row of its pertaining symbol’s row.

In Excel/Google Sheets, you can do horizontal series charting. It seems like with the current plugins, it’s only set up to query one column as a series. Is there some workflow around this?

Goal: I type “AAPL” in a search box; chart dynamically changes to showing X-axis as the years and Y-axis as the $ values of each year’s sales

Thanks for any help/insight!

Which chart plugin are you using?

Amcharts can have multiple series.

Also side note, to show x-axis as years and Y values for $, you’ll have to use the “group by” feature when you are creating the axis.

I’ve been trying all of them.

Is the group by a relatively new add to Bubble? Trying to understand the purpose of that specific workflow command.

Thanks for the help!

I’m not sure how new it is, but I used it a couple months ago.

Basically it allows you to instead of using all the data presented across a linear axis, you can now group it by another db field (months, years, etc).

There’s one forum post here that speaks to it very well, but unfortunately I don’t have the link handy…

Will give it a shot. I notice that AM charts allows for up to 8 series. It’s odd though that the chart plugins’ backends only reference the columns instead of doing horizontal data aggregation from the database.

Thanks again!