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Chart Tools Plugin

Thanks for the update. Ideally some type of freeform formatter, similar to Bubbles “custom” option on dates, would be great.

Look forward to the update.

Chart Tools 3.6 now live… update to the latest version 3.6.5
Full details provided below.
Demo | Editor

There are a a number of substantive changes, so please switch over with care - i.e. give yourself time to check-out the impacts. In particular, you might see changes to grid and axis lines. If your element keeps snagging it can be worth resetting the lot by creating a new element altogether.

In Version 3.6+
New with Chart Tools elements:
See demo page here for demo charts and Bubble Editor view here for all of the below:

  • Full axes, gridline and label colour and line controls
  • Control tick length and label spacing from axis
  • Click events - data from a click event on a chart element is passed to a set of custom states, and a workflow event is fired @Kfawcett @jarrod
  • Cumulative addition across each series - aggregate lists or grouped data over time
  • Perform basic math operations on the Y-Axis label. For example, turn $10000 into $10k @derek1
  • Control step size on the Y-Axis @derek1
  • Better control over tooltips, including ‘Always show’ option, and always show details of all Series
  • Map specific values to predetermined colors in Pie Charts @StevenM
  • Improved date formatting of X-Axis and dates shown in Tooltips - all common date formats available
  • Maximum label rotation introduced to limit or prevent space saving rotation of labels @StevenM

Bug fixes

  • ‘Legend label’ selections within Tooltips now display properly @steve5

No changes have been made to amCharts elements

If you need further support, or think you have spotted a bug just get in touch with me at [email protected] or PM me on the forum.


Hi @edwardbutcher,

Really liking this plugin, most likely going to use it for my future project…

Is it possible to create a simple line graph such as the ones in GitHub activity (with lower values being shaded differently):




hi @Nocodify - it’s mostly possible, but not 100%.
Here are some options that I mocked up (or editor view here).

You can either:

  1. Shade the area beneath the line. This will allow you to (simply) apply a gradient, but means that your chart is not simply a line.

  2. Use a thick line with no fill underneath. Although in this case you cannot apply a gradient to just the line - and so the color will be constant.

  3. Messy idea, but if you really really wanted this effect you could do something like the below. Where you use a second, white series to block out part of the gradient area from the first series. This isn’t a great idea though as you will have do run unnecessary processing to produce the data for that second series.

@edwardbutcher, thank you for taking time to make this! I will definitely implement one of these.

In regards to the hiding of the y/x axis, how do you do that? I’ve looked at the element properties but can’t find the setting to hide them.

I thought it would be this, but for some reason I still have the axis showing:



@edwardbutcher - Great tool!

Question: Is there an option to show the actual #'s without hovering over the bar/line/pie?

I am trying to convert the page as a PDF, and obviously the graphs won’t show the actual #'s without hovering.


Hello @edwardbutcher, great plugin!

I am trying to plot this as my X axis:


but I have this error:

YET the plot works! Now because of the error I can’t deploy my app, please help me.

So the solution was to :formatas number…

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Hi @edwardbutcher! Is there a way to group by month that shows only the month 1x?

I’ve looked at your example here ( and I see the same issue I’m getting as in the month is repeated several times even when grouped by month with interval of 1 is selected in the data grouping.

Am I missing something?

Second question, when I add a third series, and set it up exactly as series 2, but it just “hangs” with the loader running. Any suggestions?

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Hi @dee I’m just testing a solution to the first one. At most a few days for me to push it live.
On the second, if you can invite [email protected] as a collaborator I will take a look.


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For the time being you can just bring the alpha value on the axis / gridline / label color right down to zero.
I will take another look at “Hide” - it was a touch buggy during testing but I thought I had cracked it.


Thank you Ed! I just sent you an email :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @edwardbutcher.

The only problem is when making the labels transparent (color to 0), the sizing of the actual chart changes based on the data being added/removed.

I’ll definitely stand-by for the hide feature. thanks so much!


Hey @dee I have just pushed an improvement for axis date / time labels that sees multiple data points within a month / year / etc. period summarised with one axis label…

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Can I just say…THANK YOU SO MUCH @edwardbutcher!!! This is a fantastic plugin and I’m amazed by how well it is done from both a development and a designer approach.

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Thanks @josh10. Appreciate you taking the time to feedback :star_struck:

Thanks for a great plugin!
I’m pretty new to all this and this is the first plugin I’ve purchased. I’m a bit confused about the fact that there are now 6 chart options to choose from now that I’ve purchased the premium version. I thought Chart Tools was the premium stuff and amCharts was the original. I made a great multi-series bar chart with Chart tools, and tried to make my pie chart, but there aren’t options for 3D or angled pie charts in Chart Tools. Is it possible to rename them so I know what exactly I’m choosing between in the list of visual elements in Bubble?

Do I need to redo the pie chart in amCharts to get my angled 3D donut chart with animations? Will it still have a watermark on the finished chart?

Thanks again for a great tool!

Hey @Krista amCharts requires that you have a license with them to get rid of the watermark.

Ok. Thanks

A couple of questions regarding the bar chart below:

  1. The dates and bars are not lining up. In the picture you can see that the data from June 21 shows up quite a bit after the June 22 label. It also means that the data from the past 2 days doesn’t even show up on the chart. Can you help me fix this?

  2. On the y-axis, the unit is minutes. I would like ‘minutes’ to be written on the left going bottom to top, instead of after each number. Is this possible?

  3. How do I label all dates at a 45 degree angle instead of some dates horizontally?