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Highcharts - Can someone make this work

I’m trying to embed the Highcharts chart into a bubble page ( using HTML elements and page header.
Unable to get the chart to show up. Any ideas on how to go about setting this up correctly.

I’ve looked into these charts before. It took some messing around with page sources of their demo charts to figure it out. Here’s a working one:


Oh, also - Chrome blocks the script but if you tell the alert to allow it, it’ll display; otherwise, it won’t.

The page header script source has http, does it still block if changed to https?

Good point! Very likely! @gaurav is it working for you?

We really need to get together and sponsor some updated chart capabilities for bubble. So much interest in it.

Nope :frowning:

Ok changing to https did the trick. Its working now !

Thanks @romanmg @mishav :smiley:

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