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Charts using multiple fields from the same entry

Is it possible to create a chart with multiple fields from the same entry? I have been successful in creating charts for the same field between multiple entries, but can’t seem to figure it out for the same entry.

In my particular example, I have saved multiple endurance races which have ratings for a variety of things (course, competition, swag, course support, etc) saved as numbers between 1 and 5. I have a profile page for these races on which I would like to have a radar graph displaying these fields.

Unfortunately it appears that the builder limits me to one field. Any workarounds?

Thanks in advance.

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Yeah, that’s a limitation right now. But if you change a bit your data structure you could work it out. For instance:

  1. define a type of thing “data point” that has two fields, label and rating
  2. define a field of type list of data points at the race level
  3. have the hart display for a given race the list of data points.