Create single data series from multiple fields of same data type

Hi All

I’m struggling to create a single data series that consists of multiple fields values from a single data type to visualise data in apex chart.

I have created a survey that users complete, each question is answered 1 to 10.

Data type is called BEMA.
Fields are number fields called BMA_V_1 and increase sequentially to 20.

I am trying to reflect the survey participants scores (1 to 10) for each question in a bar chart.

X axis labels left to right would be field name - BMA_V_1, BMA_V_2, BMA_V_3, etc…

Y axis labels would be numbers 1 to 10.

Users are members of accounts so need the user scores to roll up to account level.

App data is structured as

Trying to achieve chart that looks like below:
Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 12.45.43 pm

All and any help appreciated!

Thanks, Robbie

You can create a state on the chart element with a list of number and use set state :plus item to add each field to a this state

Thanks @Jici.

I’m trying to set the state on the element as suggested but can’t quite get there.

I’ve got to here… is this right? whats the data source for the chart?
Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 2.22.19 pm

Thanks, Robbie

The data source will be this state!

I guess that the data source request you a list of number. So it should work.

(In Apex bar chart from Thimo, this is how it work from what I know.