Chat Functionality

Please assist !!!


Assist with what? That link you shared doesn’t go anywhere. What are you looking to achieve? What have you tried? Where are ya stuck?

your link doesn’t point to a page.

What is it that you need assistance with? There are some templates for chat functionality. You may just want to buy one, some are free, some are less than $35

I made and profit from none of them.


In order to be successful on bubble you have to be able to investigate things on your own. I know I’ve spent countless hours searching through the forum until I’ve stumbled across my answers.

Another thing that helps with being successful is being polite on the forum. I know English is not everybody’s first language, and I have been an English as a Second Language teacher for over 8 years and understand that not all languages focus on being polite.

In English to be polite the use of full sentences is key. Also using phrases such as “could you” or “would you mind” when asking for things and making requests help to make you sound even more polite.

Using one word questions or “command language” when you omit a subject in your sentence or question come off as quite rude.

I’d highly recommend making a more concerted effort to come off as polite when soliciting free help.

Good luck with your chat function. The templates are a good way to get an understanding of how it works.


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