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Hi Bubble Team,

After trying to use Bubble for a day, I want to recommend a future service. I think it would be helpful to have either live chat, phone or live video support. As someone with zero tech background, I’m finding this difficult to use even after reading some answers on the forum, watching videos and reading the manual. It would help me to talk to an expert. I also think talking to someone as I work through the problem would help me remember the solution if I encounter the problem again. I would pay for this service if it ever became available.

Best Regards,

Search here in the forums for cobubble. I think they have a service to help you through building your app. That said though, if you’ve only been using Bubble for a day I’d encourage you to spend some more time learning, trying, working through the exercises and to just get started. Ask questions as you run into problems (after searching in the forums of course).

:smile: Thank you. I’ll try what you suggested.

Best Regards,


Also check out this service by @romanmg

I think she does private coaching sessions.

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