Help simple but effective, sending page user

Hi guys, just a quick one for some guidance. And please i dont want to purchase help from bubble i got bombarded with that message last time i asked for help!

So i have followed a guide on creating a messaging page which works great !
However i would like a link on my menu bar to this page for users to direct message each other. My problem is the page is set as type chat so i cannot send a user to this page. Is there an easy fix for this? thankyou guys!

I don’t think you need to have a content type at all for this page (I certainly can’t see why you do…)

But in any case, if I understand what you’re asking correctly (and I’m not sure I do), all you need to do is set whichever user you want to message to be the recipient of the message.

Or, if you’re already on a page of type ‘chat’, and you’re trying to add a message to the chat, you don’t even need to do that… just create a message and add it to the page’s chat…

Obviously, how you do any of that depends on your database structure and how your app works (which you haven’t shared any details of)… so it’s impossible to give any specific help without more details…

Where exactly are you getting stuck (what have you tried, and how/why is it not working)?