ChatGPT output in bbcode

I’m trying to send the output of my chatgpt generated content into bubble using bbcode so I can maintain formatting. In my prompt to chatGPT from bubble I am making sure the code is written in bbcode, but for some reason the text coming back into bubble from chatgpt is not formatted using bbcode. Is there a way to maintain formatting? Here’s my test quiz.

Thanks for your help.

Get it to format in Markdown (how it’s trained) and use Markdown Pro to render the markdown as HTML and put that in your display container

Thanks for the advice. I installed the plugin and tried to follow the steps but I’m not getting an output. Basically I installed the “md-html” and the “tw-typogrophy” elements at the bottom of my page. Then added an HTML element where it shows the output of the md-html element.

What’s in your md-to-html element as the data source / markdown to convert?

So I figured out how to get the data into the content so you helped me solve the markup part. My next problem is for some reason, it’s not taking up the full width of the HTML element. As you can see below the text is only taking up about half the allotted space.

It looks like the width is being truncated somewhere.

@hcdgtl - CAn you please share with us how you got the formatted text to show? I’m having a similar challenge.

I ended up using the Markdown Pro plugin. I added the below code above the

tag in the appearance box in my screenshot above. This code fixed the formatting issue.

.prose { max-width: 100% !important;}

Hope this helps.