NEW PLUGIN: Converting BBCode to HTML

BBCode is how some platforms like Bubble parse and display rich text. It’s a markup language and uses tags to indicate styles on text - very similar to HTML but not the same thing.

I’ve been needing to use rich text on Bubble to send emails via Gmail and other APIs, but the BBCode tags appear in the emails. That’s when I realised that I should be converting my rich text to HTML from BBCode while calling these APIs.

That’s why I decided to build this plugin. There was no available tool apart from some paid plugins on Bubble to get rich text in the form of HTML and BBCode.

Editor Demo: Linked here
Run Mode Demo: Linked here

The Plugin is quite simple to use:

  • You simply install it, look for the BBCode->HTML element on the Editor, add it to your page.
  • Set the properties. You can provide your BBCode as input to this element (I provide my RichTextEditorA's value here).
  • Then you can access this element’s output to get the HTML as dynamic data. (BBCode->HTMLA's HTML).
    I supply this dynamic data as the body parameter of my email API call

The result:

BBCode: [b]Hello there![/b]
Converted to HTML: <strong>Hello there!</strong>
Converted HTML as dynamic data to a Bubble HTML element renders as:
Hello there!

The plugin currently supports Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough and Hyperlinks - the basics needed for simple emails.

Hope this helps with your Apps!


Could you post the link to the plugin page?

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Hello !

Is there to use it in backend workflows ? I need to convert text (from a richtext editor) in bbcode to html in items already saved (about 300 articles…)

Do you have a way to do it ?

Thank you !

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Did you got the answer? I have the same problem

Hi @blurapps

Quick question, is this plugin working?

I’ve tried it on the demo page - and can’t seem to make it work properly.

I’ve entered a formatted text in the RTE input but the HTML output doesn;t look rendered /formatted.

Could you kindly help. Thanks.

Hey. Ranjit from Blur Apps here.
The plugin is functional. It converts the bbcode formatted text into HTML formatted text.
What you see on the box in the bottom-right is the HTML code generated.
I just added a preview of the HTML rendered below it so you can take a look.

Check it out and let me know if you have any trouble.


Hello, Ranjit!

Thanks for looking into it. Will definitely provide feedback if I’ll encounter any issues with it :slight_smile:


Anytime :slight_smile: