Check-in with QR code

May I ask for help with regard to using QR code for check-in?

It’s a restaurant app and I want to implement a feature that guests can check in to a table by scanning a QR code placed on each table. By guests scanning QR code from a table, restaurants will know who this guest is and in which table (table number) he/she is seated.

To implement this feature, should I need a specific plugin for restaurants to generate QR codes for each table and for users to open up camera to scan the QR code?

Any help/suggestions would be highly appreciated.


QR codes for this use case are just URLs. So you would just need to create a QR code that goes to a specific URL in your Bubble app. That page would then parse whatever details it needs from the URL and load the appropriate information (using “get data from page URL” most likely). Very doable. You don’t need a QR code plugin since they’re just being created once.

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Hi @flowtron, thanks for quick help. So, how should structure the dedicated page?
Does each table within the restaurant have own URL? To be honest, I am clueless on where and how to start… Some more detailed help would be possible? Thank you so much.

You’d want a database item for each table (maybe assign a slug for friendlier URLs, e.g. “table1”), then you could have a page like You could set the page’s data source to be “Get data from page URL > path” and then it would know what table is in use. Then you could build whatever form you needed to capture the person’s info, take orders, etc and link that to the table record for example.

The Data Source is a pretty core feature. I’d recommend Bubble’s Academy tutorials if you’re still wondering what to do then. This is a pretty in-depth tutorial on Get data from page URL specifically so you know your way around that: How to Use URL/Page Parameters in - YouTube

Hey again. Tons of thanks for continuing help. Although still not sure, I will first give it a try based on your advice to see what I need to know more.


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