Account types and help on my app

I am building a restaurant app where people can order directly at the table without a waiter. My question is that I want to have some accounts for the Kitchen for example (they will receive the order) where the Manager of the restaurant controls that account. I was going to have them input the accounts in their profile rather than use the regular User type

Secondly anyone familiar with a QR generator that the Manager can generate their own QR code for their restaurant which will point directly to the restaurant profile (and menu)?

Would love some help/guidance on this. I’d be willing to pay.

The different users are easy to do and there are a few ways to do it. The most important thing is to have your privacy settings correct. Make sure once you’ve made “managers”, “staff”, and other data types such that you have rules like “only managers can see XXX data”

For QR codes, there may be plugins to do it so I’d check that out.
It’s my personal preference because i love tech stuff to use an API similar to this: