QR Code Generation For Logged In URL's


Could anyone please help with instructions on how use the Free QR Code Generate plugin to create a QR Code for logged in unique URLs?

My use case involves a market place for business owners, where said vendors, on sign up, get a QR code which they can download and print out to get feedback from their users. The QR code when scanned is to take the users to a simple form where feedback can be given. Each QR code should take the customer to the feedback page, which since is logged in, sends the collected data back to the vendor’s database.

I have tried everything, but QR code takes the user to the said feedback page, but data submitted does not go to any particular vendor, but the default general database.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Please see my present logic below.

Not to sure about the particulars of the QR Code flow or how you’ve set up your database. However, I would recommend adding a field in your bubble database under the business owners that stores the guest feedback database object. Additionally, I recommend that you add a field to the feedback object that references the business owner. This way you can lookup feedback objects using the business owner field. Without a deep familiarity with your database, I know that this may be a bit vague however, I hope it helps. Ping me if it doesn’t.