Profile Status Bar Possible?

Hello guys!

Is this possible to configure some how dependant on the current # of fields completed on the user’s profile?

You could make two data fields in User, one for “total number of fields” and then one for “fields completed.” Both as integers. When a user completes one of the required fields (or another example would be if its not empty), you’d +1 to the User’s “fields completed”. This kind of depends on how your fields are completed.


Also check the plugin Progress Bar, which does this.


How do you tie the Progress Bar plugin in to fields though? So that when they are not empty, the percentage increases accordingly?

Well you have to build this logic in your workflows.

Is there an example anywhere?

Trying to figure out how to have this bar search for fields that are empty and base the percentage on number of fields completed.

You could just add a number field to the User type called “Profile Completeness”. Default it to 0.

Every time they perform an action that should add to the completeness you could increase the value. For example, during your upload of the profile image, you could Make a change to the Current User and set the Profile Completeness to Current User’s Profile Completeness + 10.

Just make sure that all of the actions increase it by an amount that all add up together to be 100.

Then you would simply tie the progress bar to the User’s Profile Completeness field.


I know i’m replying on an old thread here, but I have a question.

I have 4 steps, so “profile completion = current user’s profile completion + 25”…but each step has a few fields that need to be filled out and saved to the database.

For example, if I have 5 fields in each step, do I have to divide 25/5…which is 5. And then assign 5 to each field that needs to be saved into the database?