Check Password for the current user + Alerts

Hey there.

The recently added Password Check Action is pretty good. What irks me is that if the password doesn’t match you get a browser standard message. Is there a way to trigger an alert element instead?
Maybe by adding a yes/no output to the check?


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Not currently but we’ll think about it.

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Alright, thank you, keep up the good work.

Hi Emmanuel!

Why not in “Result of step…” as boolean?
It’s very important! :wink:



This would be very helpful if we can create an action when passwords are incorrect. Not every platform allows browser alerts. Work-arounds can be very insecure.


Found my answer here: Execute an action when Login password is wrong

and here: How to Use Bubble's Error Handling Workflow Events - YouTube

There is a great way to make custom, branded pop up messages. I followed this tutorial and now all my alerts look like this with my brand icon: