Checkbox design solved (almost)!

In another closed post I saw cmarchan suggest a great workaround to the fact the Bubble check boxes are ugly, see below.

This works fine but doesn’t allow the user to uncheck. Anyone know a way to add an uncheck condition?

Hey there!

You can do this by having two workflows attached to the checkbox, each with a separate condition:

Workflow A: When Icon clicked and ‘active’ is yes = action to set it to ‘no’

Workflow B: When Icon clicked and ‘active’ is no = action to set it to ‘yes’

You’ll have to have two separate workflows to do it, not two actions under one workflow because they will occur immediately after each other which isn’t what you want.

Hope that helps?

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Thanks, but I can’t has two workflows because there are not two icons to assign workflows to, only one icon which is changed using a condition. Not sure how I would achieve your idea in this case?

You can have two workflows attached, each one with a condition. Just use the ‘add new workflow’ box on the workflow page, then choose the same icon and create a condition for that second workflow that is the opposite of the other workflow (when this icon’s active is yes)

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Ah, yes I see now that I can do two workflows, one which says "when clicked set state to “Yes” and one which says "when clicked set state to “No”.

The result is that the check box doesn’t work at all? Perhaps I should be using Toggle?

It’s likely because you haven’t set a default state for Active, so neither conditions are true.

Open the state manager on the icon, and set the default state to be ‘no’. Looks like you’ve done that in the screenshot, but just double check :slight_smile:

Then it should work

I had set the default state to be ‘no’. Your solution just doesn’t work because two workflows simply cancel each other out.

See image below, the first workflow sets the state to “yes” and the second sets state to “no”. It will pass through both work flows one after the other one the first click of the check box. I need a new workflow for when the box is clicked a second time.

No, set the conditional AT THE WORKFLOW level. Do this:
-Click on your workflow (the gray square). Add a condition in the “Only When” dialog immediately visible that says {checkbox’s active is “no”}
-Then make sure the subtask of the workflow is just to set the state to “yes”. Will only be one step.

THEN, right click on the gray square → copy. Right click again and click paste.
-Flip the conditionals in your second workflow. So at the workflow level, it only execs if checkbox’s active is “yes” and the subtask sets it to “no”.

Two separate workflows, each with a single task. Bubble will only execute one because the driving conditionals are mutually exclusive.

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Ah gotcha! Thanks for the clear instructions, you’ve taught me something there! All works perfectly now, thank you.

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