Bubble noob wants to attach workflow to checkbox

(Not sure if I should post stuff like this here or in Help…)

Using the ToDo example, I’d like to replace the button functionality with a checkbox. So it needs to change the state in the db and fire the same event the button currently does. But there’s no Edit Workflow option in the checkbox editor.

Maybe a task has multiple yes/no states like finished, assigned, billed, reviewed, etc.

I don’t want to have columns of buttons to set these options.

Thank you!

You need to go in workflow and select trigger: When input value has changed

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I prefer to user “icons” instead of checkboxes… Maybe try it out

I will look at that. If I may ask why you prefer them? They support the Edit Workflow option?


Tried that a bit but ran into issues in the workflow with boolean conditions cancelling out, then tried two triggers each with conditional event: ischecked yes/no.

Perhaps auto-binding is an alternative route as it eliminates the workflows altogether?

Thank you!

Oh yeah, you need to create 2 workflows… one with a condition “when state checked is yes”, and the other “when state checked is no”… You can copy and past the workflow so it’s easier to duplicate…

I prefer icons because they are more beautiful and because it’s better to customize through conditionals, like different colors and pressed, different colors when there are other situations, etc

You can have any element trigger a workflow with a click. If there isn’t a ‘Edit workflow’ button on the element properties itself, you can create a workflow under the workflow tab based on things like:

  • an input is changed
  • an element is clicked
  • do when a condition is true