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Checkbox Field Type

Ok quick question. I am using a checkbox in my site. I am wondering what field it would be. Yes/No, Text, etc.

I also want the site to remember whether the box was checked or not, and show it as such when you return to the page.

Yes / no is the right type

And this might be another noob but how would I save it so the page always displays the checkbox as it was clicked. In other words save the status of the checkbox.

Just save the value of the checkbox in a field and then set the initial content of the checkbox to be dynamic, and you say it’s equal to the same field.

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Awesome and to get a bit off topic. Got another quick question for you. Why when a user clicks on a file “external link” and that file is a word or excel document does the program seem to seize up? When it is a picture or PDF it loads instantly.

It’s a browser native behavior. I don’t bunk excel or word docs are recognized. Instead, they will prompt the user to download the files.