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How do I set a value from a checkbox?

Not sure why I’m having issues with this but I have a checkbox on a layout, and when I save the page I want the checkbox to save to a field. I’ve tried making the field a yes/no, and also a text field but neither seem to work as all I get in the workflow is this:

Not sure why I can’t get the option to come up to set that field to the checkbox’s value?

Is checked mean that it will return true if checked. And if you choose isnt checked. This will return true if not checked


I have a field called ON NET Access, so I wanted it basically if that checkbox is checked and I save, it sets that field to Yes, or True, and if it’s unchecked, it sets that field to No, or False. That’s not possible then?

Yes. it’s possible.
You can set the initial value dynamically. But without seeing your setting it’s hard.
this may be Do a Search for item’s ON NET Access or Parent Item’s ON NET Access or Current Page’s ON NET Access

So I don’t have an initial value, this is for a new record. So I have a page layout where it has several input fields to create a record, and when you press the save button, the workflow creates the record, like this:

But I wanted to have a checkbox on the page as well, so if the user checks it when creating a record it will then save the value to a field as Yes or No or True or False etc.

Basically like if I was creating a customer on a page layout, I’d have an input field for Customer Name, another for Phone Number and so on, but then a checkbox that might say “Is an existing customer?” and if the user checks it it saves the Yes or No value to that field.

Not sure to understand.
Basically, You will have your Checkbox field.
A field in your Optic Line item? True/False
Field this field with Checkbox field is checked
On your initial screenshot, you should just select Is checked

There might be a better way of doing this, but I’ve always used an action that says, “ON Net Access = YES” then, in the Only When box, put “On Net Access is checked.”

I’d have a separate action that sets it to NO Only When On Net Access isn’t checked.

You can use conditional instead of action (I guess your are talking about initial value?)

It sounds overly complicated, I think the easiest is just using a dropdown instead with YES or NO as the values. Then default it to NO and the user changes it to YES. Using a checkbox just seemed faster or easier as it’s one click to check it, vs 2 on a dropdown. I had just assumed that a checkbox was the same thing as a dropdown with Yes or No as the options, with a dropdown selecting Yes being the same thing as a checkbox being checked, and a dropdown selecting No being the same thing as a checkbox being unchecked.

@lmoreau This is not complicated
Just set the field to 'is checked
That’s all (Check your first overall screenshot. The only thing that you are missing is is checked

Okay thanks I’ll try it, it’s just really confusing that it works like that. To me that sounds like I’m specifying it’s always checked. Just weird that input fields or dropdowns you set all by doing “ON NET Access = Input’s value” or “ON NET Access = dropdown’s value”. I’d have assumed it would be the same, like “ON NET Access = checkbox’s value”.

I understand and I was thinking the same at first.

Wow, this sentence saved me a lot of time. Thnx!

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I agree, I think the content designer needs to look at this. It doesn’t follow the same pattern as the other form elements (ie. Input x’s value, etc…). Confusing to me too.

omg I couldn’t wrap my head around this. Thank you for the explanation!

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i set it by doing a

  1. Preset Status of the checkbox to “Dynamic”
  2. “Search for Type” → “Created by current user”
  3. " “Specific field” →
    (since my field is a Boolean data type) “formatted as Text” → if "yes " → “Specific Checkbox is Checked”