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Checkbox filtering a repeating group

Hey guys.

I have issues…
I am trying to create a filter on my products. I have a datatype “Product” which has a datatype categorys, which is a list of my data type “Category”

I am trying to create a view in the repeating based on selected filters on the left side

Right now i have my filter group set to type “search_result” and every time a user clicks on a category checkbox, it adds the category to the “search_result” data type that i have. (or removes if already in list)

Now i want to filter my repeating group based on the categories in the search filter group and the ones in my RG.
I CANNOT SEEM TO FIND A WAY. I have tried advanced filtering, Intersects etc. im starring my self blind on the topic. Can anybody help?

Hi there, @balle.emil… you might want to check out these videos.


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