Checkbox for filtering unchecking with no apparent reason

Hi there,

I have a repeating group where I filter with checkbox. The Checkbox have been working well but its been a couple of weeks since it started to uncheck with no apparent reason. (See Giphy Bellow)

As you can see, I am not reloading the page or going to another page. I’m just “hiding” the Menu Group. What the checkboxes do is setting a state (list) on the repeating group seen on the Giphy. The states are working well because the repeating group is getting filtered. And, when inspecting it shows that the states are correct. However, when I “show” the Group Menu again, the checkboxes that where checked are no longer checked eventhou the states are set correctly.

More over, what results more odd about this behavior is that it is not consistent. Sometimes the checkboxes remain checked and sometimes they uncheck as seen on the Giphy. This happens in my development and live version.

If anyone has a clue of what can be happening I would much appreciate it.


Hey there, thanks for posting! Have you checked out this behavior in the debugger? When your application does not behave as expected in run mode, it can be helpful to use the debugger. When you click preview from the editor, you will see the debugger at the bottom of the screen. If, for some reason, it is not there, or you want to add it to any page when previewing, you can add “?debug_mode=true” to the end of your URL (or “&debug_mode=true” if your URL already has parameters). If you’re new to the debugger or looking for a quick tutorial on its functionality, check out our video about how to use the debugger.

Hey @aschofer thank you for your reply. I have figured it out. The checkbox are within a repeating group - type Group whose source is pulled from my data. All I did was change to Unique elements and it was fixed.

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